The recruiting team behind hyper growth companies

Companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s, use Maverick's recruiters and sourcers to build their teams, find their execs and help drive an inclusive and diverse workforce.

"With help from Mavericks, we doubled the size of the company."

Rob Anderson, Head of Talent

"With help from Mavericks, we doubled the size of the company."

Rob Anderson, Head of Talent

"With help from Mavericks, we doubled the size of the company."

Rob Anderson, Head of Talent

"Mavericks is my go to partner for scaling my orgs!"

Archie Puri, Chief Product Officer

"Mavericks is my go to partner for scaling my orgs!"

Archie Puri, Chief Product Officer

"Mavericks is my go to partner for scaling my orgs!"

Archie Puri, Chief Product Officer

What We Do

We bring together everything that’s required to build companies and organizations from the ground up. Mavericks enables growth for early stage startups, small and mid sized companies, publicly traded companies, and everything in between.  We also help companies diversify their team, build DE&I roadmaps, create compensation bands and hire their executives.

A strong team of industry experts

We’re a team made up of the best recruiters, sourcers and heads of Talent Acquisition from the likes of Etsy, Google, Facebook, Square, Nextdoor, Venmo, Braintree and PayPal. We’ve come from some of the most hyper growth tech companies, VC firms, and we’ve come together to give you the best recruiting experience in the industry.

Our impact in numbers


companies supported

across various markets such as artificial intelligence, ag-tech, fintech, crypto, web3, hr-tech, real estate tech, health-tech, biotech, e-commerce, insur-tech, data/analytics, ad-tech, non-profit, logistics, social, saas, and more


hires made

across product, engineering, data science, analytics, machine learning, computer vision, infrastructure, bioinformatics, blockchain, web3, research, marketing, sales, go-to-market, people ops, compliance, legal, G&A and more


team members

from San Francisco to New York City and just about everywhere in between. We even have some Mavericks in Latin America and Europe too


dollars saved

for our clients who have partnered with Mavericks in comparison to other "recruiting agencies"

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mavericks, Kyle, and his team for several years and as a trusted recruiting partner for product and technology needs. Their team is incredibly professional and dedicated, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we find the right fit for our organization."

Juan Benitez

Former President


"Mavericks takes a genuine embedded approach. They adapt to your recruiting team's culture, operating methods, gain an in-depth understanding of your business, and develop strong stakeholder relationships. Kyle and the team have a proven track record of working on anything from Go-To-Market roles at an early-stage startup to senior technical leadership positions at mature tech firms."

Frank Cebek

Sr. Director of People


"Kyle and Mavericks on Demand have been invaluable partners and are the first call I make when above capacity. The Team Lead handles everything and provides insightful and real-time analytics. I have complete faith in Mavericks that their staff is highly trained and can ramp quickly."

Amanda Yates

Head of Global Talent


"Kyle and his team are the real deal! I had the pleasure of working with him as I was scaling up my company. They're go-getters who work hard to deliver with polish and professionalism. They add a personable touch to their expertise in recruiting, making the experience more like working with a good friend who really knows what he's doing. There's no question about it, I'd hire them again."

Roberto Ortiz

CEO & Co-Founder


"In 2020 I was lucky enough to meet the Mavericks team and employ their services as a Premier RPO partner. We started out our relationship with a small team (3) and Mavericks very own founder Kyle Barbato working alongside us. We quickly grew and scaled our relationship to over 16 Mavericks focusing on Technical Recruitment by the end of 2022. It was an incredible experience ramping up so quickly for incredibly ambitious goals set by Ripple's leadership team."

Matthew Welch

Head of Tech Recruiting


"One of the most important aspects to building and growing successful early and mid-stage companies centers around talent. Finding talent without an inhouse recruiting team is a common struggle for startups. I’ve worked with Kyle for years and immediately sought out a partnership with Mavericks just after we raised our seed round. Kyle’s team was immediately effective in attracting and hiring 20-25 full time engineers, product leads, infrastructure leads that helped accelerate our company’s growth. They get it!"

John MacIlwaine

President & Co-Founder


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